Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is the A-11 Offense?

Head Coach Kurt Bryan of Piedmont High School in Piedmont, CA (next to Oakland, CA) could be changing the game of football as we speak. He has developed a new kind of offense that is sure to make defenses head spin. It's called the A-11 Offense.

The base formation involves a center flanked by two tight ends, with three receivers to the right and three to the left. And two quarterbacks in the backfield.

According to the website (HERE), it describes the offense as:
"An innovative offense blending aspects of the spread option, West Coast & Run-and-Shoot. Your team can use the A-11 as a 'package' to supplement your offense & feature up to eleven players as potential threats, and even two Quarterbacks in the shotgun."

The base offense consists of:

  1. A center and two tight ends surrounding the football,
  2. Three receivers split right,
  3. Three receivers split left,
  4. Two quarterbacks standing behind in a shotgun, one of whom has to be at least 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage.
All eleven players must be an eligible receiver, i.e wearing numbers 1-49 or 80-99. The formation is legal (much like a scrimmage kick formation). By spreading the potential receivers across the entire field, it forces defenses to cover every player on each play. Only 5 receivers are eligible to go down field to catch a pass and the rest stay put, but which 5 can always differ.

To view game film of the A-11 offense, click HERE

Note: Piedmont High School won 7 straight games using this formation in 2007.

Outlook: Who knows what effect this could have on the collegiate and professional levels of football. Can you imagine QB Tom Brady or QB Peyton Manning with ten possible targets on every play?! We'll keep you updated on the offenses progress...

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