Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Senior Bowl

My favorite week of the NFL offseason is "Senior Bowl Week". I love listening to the NFL Network's commentators Mike Mayock and Fran Charles break down the country's best College Football Seniors.

Standout Players from the game:

Michigan DE Brandon Graham: He is ALL over the field. (In fact he just tallied a sack and fumble as I am typing this). He is showing great speed off the edge and making plays. There is no blitzing in the Sr. Bowl but Graham is getting to the QB.

Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon: The outspoken OLB is making some money today. He is slotted as a late-1st/early 2nd round pick but is really turning some heads with his athletic play and on-field leadership. He looks like a "poor mans" LB Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers). I think he looks more like LB Lance Briggs (Chicago Bears).

Florida QB Tim Tebow: He didn't make a ton of plays, but you can't help but notice his leadership and moxie on the field. He is the unhearlded leader of the South team and is well respected by his peers.

Alabama CB Javier Arenas: Had a 62 yard punt called back on penalty, but showed quickness, great feet, toughness and open field awareness. He doesn't have long range speed but he too is making plays.

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