Thursday, July 24, 2008

NFL Strength of Schedule- 2008

Quick, who has the easiest schedule entering the 2008 NFL Season? Dolphins? Nope. Rams? Sorry. Falcons? Wrong again.

Answer: The New England Patriots

What?! How that be?! Seriously?! You're telling me that the 17-1 Boston based team led by QB Tom Brady, WR Randy Moss and Head Coach Bill Belichick has the easiest schedule in the NFL?!

Answer: Yes

The combined winning percentage (based on 2007) of the teams on their schedule is .387; the opposing team's combined record is 99-157. Also, the second easiest schedule goes to the team the Patriots beat in the AFC Championship last season, the San Diego Chargers (.422; 109-148 record).

Rounding out the rest of the top 5 easiest schedules:

3. Raiders .438 112-144
4. Broncos .445 114-142
5. Saints .449 115-141

Which teams have the top 5 hardest schedules?

1. Steelers .598 153-103
2. Colts .594 152-104
3. Jaguars .559 143-113
4. Vikings .551 141-115
5. Ravens .551 141-115

To check out where your favorite team ranks, click HERE

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