Monday, June 30, 2008

Fantasy Football All-Rookie Team

According to, 30 million people around the world play Fantasy Football in some capacity. As magazines and online articles begin pouring out over the next few weeks to prepare for various fantasy drafts, I give you a sneak peak by creating my 2008 All-Rookie Fantasy team.

Historically, rookies usually don't make a huge impact in Fantasy Football. Unless a player cracks the starting line up early in the season or gets significant substitution reps, most rookies do not become a factor until late in the season when either starters are injured or weaker teams start playing them for experience. When a player is drafted in the NFL Draft is not a factor either. Whether your a Top 10 pick like 2007's Vikings RB Adrian Peterson or a 7th round pick like 2006's Marques Colston; it all depends on the team you play for and the individual opportunities that arise.

Over the course of the next few days I will post position by position who I feel will be impact Fantasy Football Rookies in 2008. Starting with the QB...

Quarterback: John David Booty (Minnesota Vikings)

Lets face it, Tavaras Jackson is not the answer in Minnesota. He has poor footwork and makes bad decisions. The Vikings are prime for a deep playoff run in a weak NFC Conference. Booty will be starting by mid season and will flourish because of what the team needs most: a game manager. He fits Brad Childress's offense well and will have targets such as WR Bernard Berrian and WR Sydney Rice to throw to. Adrian Peterson is no secret out of the backfield, commanding defenses to crowd the box in 7-8 man fronts. Teams will force the Vikings to beat them with the throw, so expect more opportunities down field . Throw in one of the best Offensive Lines in the NFL blocking for him and I expect good things out of Minnesota.

Runners-up: Chad Henne (Miami Dolphins) & Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

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